Cztery łapy,  Django,  in English

I’m a swimmer!

At first we thought there is simply no chance to get Django into water. He was fearing it a bit as a pup and he wasn’t keen on it at all. Until the moment, where there was a little bit of flooding near his favourite frisbee field which created a mini – lake. I put my wellies on and tried to throw his frisbee into the pool of water, standing in the middle of it myself, so that he knew it was safe. He wasn’t sure at first but then… it was no stopping him. He loved it and has been obsessed with water ever since!

This was a major step forward though, today we took him to the seaside and my god, did he love it. We threw a light shoe so that he could easily bring it and we couldn’t get him out of the water.

Well, Django is full of surprises, that’s for sure!



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